Freedom Cycle Case Study


Established in the heart of Concord, NH, Freedom Cycle has been providing quality vehicles, parts, and service to New Hampshire’s capital and its surrounding communities since 1977. With over 50 years of combined experience and a motto of “All Employees Ride,” Freedom Cycle’s team is equipped with more knowledge and hands- on experience than any other dealer in the area. With over 30,000 parts and accessories in stock and a commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and industry knowledge, Freedom Cycle is the premier motorcycle, snowmobile, and ATV destination in New Hampshire.


For Andy Galliher, General Manager of Freedom Cycle, presentation is paramount. Andy sought ways to reduce costs and energy consumption, but the lighting quality had to be stunning to properly highlight the wide selection of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs that are sold in the store’s 20,000 square foot showroom.


After Andy reached out to Prism to conduct a lighting retrofit, Prism’s auditing manager and licensed electrician conducted a thorough site evaluation. Prism recommended 129W Lusio high bay LED lighting to replace the existing 400W mounted high bay fixtures, and 153W Howard 2×2 LED fixtures to replace the existing 250W parabolic fixtures. Lusio and Howard lighting provide both exceptional lighting quality and excellent energy savings.


The energy efficiency improvements have made a big impact on Andy’s bottom line. Freedom Cycle’s existing equipment was consuming 59,061 kWh/yr. After the proposed measures were installed, Freedom Cycle is enjoying only 25,486 kWh/yr, a savings of 33,575 kWh/yr, or $5,271.25/yr. By working with Prism, Andy also reaped the benefits of Unitil’s 50% incentives for lighting retrofit upgrades, bringing the total cost of his project from $35,375.52 to $17,687.76. At over $5,200 in savings a year, Freedom Cycle will be cash-flow positive in only three years.