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“We are already seeing the benefits of our new lighting and heating systems. Our warehouse lighting is much brighter, and the motion sensors turn the lights on/off when needed. The heating system upgrades and locking thermostats keep the temperature constant and greatly reduce the gas needed to heat the area. Prism handled the upgrades in a professional manner with minimal disruption.”

Andrew Davidson
LEI Corporation

About LEI Corporation

Founded in 1987 in Boylston, MA, Landscaping Etc., Inc. (LEI) specializes in professional commercial landscape maintenance, landscape development, construction services, and snow maintenance. LEI Corporation also conducts large commercial projects across New England, including, but not limited to, grading, excavation, site work, paving, retaining walls, pothole repair, and drainage solutions.

The Challenge

LEI Corporation reached out to Prism Energy Services to upgrade its existing lighting and heating systems. The existing lights were a mix of old incandescent, halogen, metal halide, and T8s. The heating system also had not been changed in a few decades. The company is powered by Boylston Electric Light Department, which does not provide incentives for energy efficiency projects. The challenge was coming up with cost-effective solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the facility at an attractive payback without relying on utility incentives.

The Prism Solution

Lighting and lighting controls were installed throughout the entire facility, including the woodshop and manufacturing area, which was repurposed into a warehouse.

The woodshop and manufacturing area were heated by two large air handling units, which were very inefficient. These units brought in 100% outside air, which is no longer required because the space was repurposed. As a result, Prism installed modular cabin unit heaters with controls and significantly reduced the amount of natural gas needed to heat the warehouse.

In the office space, energy was being wasted from the electric baseboards, which were set at one setpoint for the entire heating season. Prism installed wireless programmable thermostats to setback the temperature at night and on weekends in areas served by these electric baseboards.

The Bottom Line

The pre-existing lights were consuming 294,034 kWh annually. The new LEDs are expected to lower that to 87,875 kWh, an energy reduction of 70 percent and an energy cost savings of $32,113 annually. Furthermore, the new heating systems will save LEI Corp. 12,150 therms of energy, an annual energy cost savings of $14,580. Finally, Prism expects LEI Corp. to save $773 annually with the newly installed programmable thermostats in the office area.

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