“It was a pleasure working with Prism Energy Services in our efforts to upgrade the lighting at Quincy Catholic Academy and improve its energy efficiency. Everyone I worked with from the initial site evaluation to the final walk-through was pleasant, professional, flexible, and efficient. I was continuously kept informed of the process and timelines of the project.”

Catherine Cameron
Quincy Catholic Academy

About Quincy Catholic Academy

According to its mission, “Quincy Catholic Academy is a diverse learning community of students from Preschool to Grade Eight, dedicated to faith and values formation, academic excellence, and service to others.” The Academy strives to prepare its students to be productive, responsive, and caring citizens and future leaders. Along building a strong academic foundation, the social, emotional, and physical well-being of students is supported, strengthened, and developed.

The Challenge

Quincy Catholic Academy began working with Prism Energy Services in order to update and improve the efficiency of its lighting systems. The challenge was coming up with cost-effective interior and exterior lighting solutions to improve the energy efficiency and light levels of the facility at a project cost that made financial sense.

The Prism Solution

Prism Energy Services conducted a comprehensive site evaluation, identifying and replacing 500 interior and exterior lighting fixtures to new energy efficient LEDs. The pre-existing fixtures were consuming 111,052 kWh per year. The new LED retrofits will lower the school’s energy consumption to only 41,697 kWh per year, an energy reduction of 62.5%. In addition, the new LEDs have significantly improved the light levels in the gym, cafeteria, hallways, classrooms, and other areas throughout the school, enhancing the learning environment.

The Prism Solution

Prism helped Quincy Catholic Academy receive over $27,500 in utility incentives from National Grid. Quincy Catholic Academy is estimated to reduce its energy consumption by over 69,000 kWh and save over $12,800 on its energy bills annually. The school is expected to become cash flow positive in just over two years, with a cashflow gain of $37,903 after 5 years.

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