“We are amazed at the cost savings as a result of this project. Our spaces are much brighter, and the quality of light is superior.”

Joseph Dahlstrom
Facilities Manager
South Shore Bank

About South Shore Bank

Originally founded in 1833 as the Weymouth and Braintree Institute for Savings, South Shore Bank has a long and rich history of commitment to the communities in the South Shore. South Shore Bank is a mutual savings bank with 16 locations in 8 communities throughout the South Shore. South Shore Bank is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers by offering a variety of traditional and innovative financial products for a more personal and better banking experience. South Shore Bank is FDIC and DIF insured.

The Challenge

South Shore Bank began working with Prism Energy Services in order to upgrade its outdated lighting systems. The bank’s board room, in particular, required better light levels. The challenge was coming up with cost-effective interior and exterior lighting solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the facility at a project cost that made financial sense.

The Prism Solution

Prism Energy Services conducted a comprehensive site evaluation and identified and replaced over 700 interior and exterior lighting fixtures to new energy efficient LEDs. The majority of the pre-existing fixtures were fluorescents, with the exception of incandescent lamps in the board room. The parking lot lights also received a significant upgrade from metal halide to LED.
The new LED lights will improve the color rendering index of the facility, brightening all areas of the bank, while also improving visibility and significantly reducing shadows on the walls and ceilings. Prism also installed sensors and controls throughout the facility. Motion sensors were installed on a majority of the lighting fixtures, which help save energy by automatically turning off lights in unoccupied areas. Furthermore, vending misers were installed on the bank’s vending machines, which automatically power down the machines when not in use.

The Bottom Line

The pre-existing lights were consuming 187,559 kWh per year. After the new LEDs were installed, the energy consumption dropped to 55,574 kWh, an energy reduction of 70 percent. This significant decrease in energy consumption will help South Shore Bank save $19,005 a year. Prism also helped South Shore Bank receive $53,887 in utility incentives, covering about 34 percent of the total installation cost.

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