Town of Lakeville Before & After

The entire team at Prism has been professional, courteous and extremely helpful. Having never worked with Prism before, I was somewhat apprehensive at first. It only took a few conversations with the team before I felt the Town of Lakeville was in good hands. I only wish the Town could secure Prism as our contractor for ALL our DOER projects and not have to go through the arduous task of procurement for each and every round.

Nathan Darling
Building Commissioner
Town of Lakeville

Town History

Incorporated as a separated town from Middleborough 1853 and located approximately 40 miles south of Boston, The Town of Lakeville is a residential community of about 10,600 citizens. The town is named after the system of lakes inhabiting its geography, including Assawompset Pond, Great Quittacas Pond, Little Quittacas Pond, Pocksha Pond, and Long Pond.

The Challenge

Lakeville’s municipal leaders sought to mitigate rising energy costs and demonstrate environmental and fiscal leadership through energy efficiency. The challenge was finding and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency solutions to reduce operating expenses without significant capital investment.

The Prism Solution

Prism Energy Services helped the town implement a series of energy efficiency measures at the Town’s Fire Department, Town Hall, and Council on Aging. The energy conservation measures (ECMs) that were identified and installed included energy efficient lighting, lighting controls, temperature controls, pipe insulation, new hot water heating boiler installation, and water conservation measures.

The Bottom Line

Prism has helped the town reduce its energy consumption by 45,506 kWh, saving $4,642 in annual energy costs. The town will reduce its need for fossil fuels by saving 7,643 in gas (therms), 2,431 gallons of oil, and 366 gallons of propane. The projects were funded with a combination of DOER grant funds the Town received from the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program and Middleboro Gas & Electric (MG&E) funds. The project was completed with no out of pocket expenses to the town.

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