Office Buildings

Energy is the largest operating expense in office buildings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. On average, commercial buildings waste 30 percent of their energy, due to inefficiency. With energy prices on the rise, commercial building owners and property managers must continue to retain existing tenants and attract new ones to remain competitive. Controlling operating costs is attractive to tenants, as well as increasing the return on investment and adding value to the property for building owners.

Expertise and Experience in Property Management

Since 1998, Prism Energy Services has been a leader in cost- and energy-saving solutions for all types of commercial buildings, including office space. Prism has over 80 years of combined experience in energy efficiency and construction, equipping our team of experienced engineers, auditors, and other technical experts with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical and electrical systems commonly found in commercial and industrial buildings of various eras, as well as the optimization of their energy performance.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Prism Energy Services utilizes its extensive experience and expertise in the property management sector and office building facilities to implement the most cost-effective and technically sound solutions, including:

  • LED lighting, interior and exterior
  • Simple and advanced lighting controls
  • High-efficiency HVAC equipment
  • Specialized HVAC controls
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) on fans and pumps
  • Demand controlled ventilation (DCV)
  • Energy management systems
  • Building envelope improvements
  • Water conservation measures

Prism’s goal is to ensure that the installation of new, energy efficient equipment will have little to no impact on day-to-day operations and perform at equal or better standards than existing equipment. We work closely with commercial building managers and tenants to implement a customized project schedule before starting construction. Our experienced staff makes the project easy, meeting all project milestones and deadlines from the initial site audit through construction, while creating a safe and comfortable environment.

Financial Analysis

Prism Energy Services identifies and implements the most cost-effective and technically sound comprehensive energy efficiency solutions. Prism’s engineers and technical experts develop and present our recommendations in a simple and transparent proposal, which includes:

  • Executive summary
    • Project cost
    • Utility incentive
    • Energy savings
    • Cost savings
    • Out-of-pocket cost
    • Payback and ROI
    • Tax benefits
  • Detailed written scope and cost breakdown

Our Projects

Prism Energy Services has a proven track record of evaluating, designing, and implementing energy efficiency measures for property management groups. Prism has helped thousands of office buildings and property management groups with energy- and cost-saving solutions, as well as measures intended to improve aesthetics, safety/security and comfort conditions for building occupants. Some of our satisfied property management customers include:

  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • CBRE
  • Hobbs Brook Management LLC
  • Reit Management
  • Bowditch & Dewey
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Wells Fargo
  • Santander Bank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Eastern Bank
  • Jack Conway Realty