Wendy Simmons, President and Founder

Wendy Simmons is the President and Founder of Prism Consulting, Inc. dba Prism Energy Services. She possesses over 25 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and the utility company energy efficiency program venue. Wendy has served as an energy auditor, a designer of energy efficiency measures, as well as a project manager for energy efficiency installations. In addition, Wendy has particular expertise in organizing and administering project teams that serve individual energy efficiency projects, as well as large, utility sponsored energy Read More

Paul Hurley, Vice President of Field Operations

Paul Hurley is the Vice President of Field Operations at Prism Energy Services. Paul brings over 20 years of energy efficiency and construction industry experience in his role as the manager of the Large Business Energy Efficiency group at Prism. He manages our largest customers and most complex projects. Paul performs Prism’s large business energy audits. In addition, he hires, trains, and manages all of Prism’s energy auditors. He is an expert in energy efficient lighting and the prequalification of non-lighting measures. Paul also has expertise in the project Read More

Jerry Giusti, Associate VP of Project Management

Jerry Giusti is Prism’s Associate VP of Project Management. Jerry has over 24 years of experience in business development and project management and has completed over 650 energy projects. Jerry is proficient with energy conservation measures, including lighting, VFDs, EMS controls, steam trap maintenance, compressed air motors, HVAC operations, boiler replacements, building envelopes, and more. Jerry previously owned and operated his own small energy service company that focused on energy upgrades for commercial, industrial, and municipal Read More