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Why You'll Benefit

By working closely with the largest electric utility companies in New England, Prism negotiates utility company incentives for our customers . . .


Neil Barry, Plant Manager, Merrimack Valley School District

Working with Prism Consulting was a great experience. So far, we have retrofitted four schools, with more on the horizon. The staff is tremendously helpful—they get the job done with very little effort on my part. I would recommend them to any school or business.

Carlton Hunt, Energy Committee Chairman, Town of Bridgewater

Prism Energy Services provided insight and understanding of complex heating/cooling system operations we had not received from other energy service companies. Prism worked closely with our library director and the library’s HVAC provider to replace its failing cooling unit. In the first full year since the upgrade, we have seen a 15% reduction in electrical use.

Chuck Witkop, Facilities Manager, Hampden Engineering Corporation

We are really happy with our new LED lights. After working with Prism Energy Services, who provided a solution for an entire LED retrofit, we are now saving money and our entire workplace is brighter, which lifts up everyone’s spirits. The whole experience has been great.

Mike Lonardo, Electrical Manager, Providence College

I would like to personally thank Paul Hurley and his group for all of the energy saving opportunity projects that have been accomplished on Campus. They have been very supportive and cooperative to work with, from the beginning stages of a project until completion.

Daniel J. Quirk, CEO, Quirk Auto Group

We are very proud of our lighting improvements. Not only do they let the stunning design of our car and truck brands shine, but also helped us reduce our utility bills. It’s truly a win-win project that has further set us apart from the competition.